Frequently Asked Questions
About Jet Parking

Do you have special rates for frequent flyers?

We do! We sincerely appreciate the efforts of so many of you within our community. We offer discounts to both veterans and caregivers. Call us for pricing and to make a reservation with this discount.

How many passengers can you shuttle at a time?

Our free shuttle can comfortably fit 12 passengers with easy access and plenty of room for luggage.

What happens if I need access to my car outside of operating hours?

You can call the JET Parking manager at (515) 829-8055 to work out details allowing you access to your vehicle.

How do I cancel my parking reservation?

Just call us at any time to cancel your reservation. There is no charge to do so. If you have booked under an affiliate of ours, such as Groupon, Airport Parking Reservations, ParknFly, InstaPark, etc., you will need to contact them in order to cancel.

How do you know when to pick us up at the airport?

When you have your baggage in hand and are ready to exit the airport terminal, just call or text our shuttle attendant at (515) 829-8055. We’re just 2 minutes away and we’ll pick you up outside the baggage claim exit with a quick trip back to retrieve your vehicle.

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